Satan Is a Theologian Who Doesn’t Love God


Satan is a master theologian. He’s talked to God, interacted with God, believes in God’s existence, and knows more about God’s attributes and abilities than most…and yet Satan doesn’t love God.


Knowledge about God doesn’t equal faith in God.

Just because you have a vast understanding of God, expert knowledge of Biblical Law, intimate comprehension of Biblical History, and an encyclopedic grasp of all scripture still doesn’t mean you love Jesus—Satan certainly didn’t.

Satan isn’t frightening just because he’s so evil, but because he’s so similar to us!

We crave power, control, recognition, fame, success, and the authority to judge others—obtaining them via religion, often under the false pretense of holiness.

We attend church, participate in spiritual activities, pretend to love others, and even talk to God, but sometimes we’re just fulfilling our sinful desires—appearing to be very “Christian” in the process.

Meanwhile, we accuse others of being sinners. We condemn our enemies to eternal damnation for not believing the right things, not holding the correct theology, attending the wrong churches, participating in the wrong lifestyles, voting for the wrong politicians, having wrong opinions, and not perfectly complying with our perception of holiness.

Maybe this is why God instructs us not to judge others—because we’re often completely wrong.

Even though Satan looked the part, the Fruits of the Spirit were non-existent.

We have no idea. Even when we think we do—we don’t.

Our faith isn’t dependent on correct theological beliefs, intellectual knowledge, or even our ability to interact with God—these things are important but utterly useless without a loving relationship with Christ.

If you don’t have all the answers, don’t worry, because you never will. Christianity isn’t about a quest for answers. Theology is really meant to reveal the Divine truth that God is love, ultimately helping us love God better, and love others as we would love ourselves.

Humility, grace, peace, hope, patience, kindness, and love have everything to do with a desire to passionately follow Christ and emulate His life.

It won’t be a perfect. We’ll have our ups and downs and will often fail. But the point is to keep trying to love. Loving God and loving others—this is what Christianity is all about.

Let’s be less like Satan and more like Jesus.

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An Inconvenient Truth: Everyone Is Created and Loved by God


Sometimes we dehumanize people by speaking, thinking, or imagining about them in generalizations, by covering their true identity with generic labels and terms that are impersonal, cold, and less meaningful. For example, you can refer to your brother as “someone that I know” or your best friend as “this one guy.”

We often do this when we want to create separation or disassociate from others—often in order to protect ourselves, make ourselves look better, or attack others. Thus, we refer to our spouse as “this person I know” when we’re agreeing with a coworker about people who hold an opposing political belief we disagree with, or offhandedly use the phrase “this guy I know” about our dad when talking about annoying habits that we can’t stand.

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Christian Author Writes “Non-Biblical” Book On Marriage, Goes on Oprah…Evangelicals End Up Loving It!


A Christian author has published a book on marriage, and the New York Times writes:

…the book contains few overt references to Scripture. “I wrote it intentionally so that non-Christians and Christians would read it,” he said.

Additionally, the author–who admitted that the book doesn’t heavily reference Scripture– has used Oprah to extensively promote his book on her show.

The author: Gary Chapman

The book: The 5 Love Languages

Jesus Was Brutally Tortured so That Others–including Our Enemies–Wouldn’t Have to Be.


Jesus was brutally tortured so that others–including our enemies–wouldn’t have to be.

When we look at the crucifixion story, we see Jesus being unjustly accused because of the influence of political, religious, and social schemes–through the workings of a powerful Roman Empire.

The recent Torture Report should be a wakeup call to American Christians about what happens when the love of Christ is replaced by the fear, hate, power, and influence of a sinful world.

The first few books of the New Testament reveal its own “Torture Report (about the crucifixion of Jesus),” lets take a look at some of the parallels:

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Can The Privileged Imagine Injustice?


Imagination is defined as, “The faculty of imagining or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.”

For privileged Christians who have lived the majority of their lives receiving the benefits of systematic wealth, power, comfort, favor, and convenience, it can be almost impossible to conceive of a world where injustice, inequality, and perpetual oppression are daily struggles.

Many privileged believers experience an entire existence completely devoid of the suffering, trials, and endless forms of racism, stereotyping, and injustice that are the daily realities faced by the likes of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and millions of others who have lived under completely different — and radically unfavorable — circumstances.

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Sold the House, In the Process of Moving!


Well, after nine arduous months, we’ve finally sold our home and are in the process of moving! We’re still going to be in St. Paul, but we’re excited about this HUGE answer to prayer.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support over the last few months. It’s been a crazy time full of stress, some family tragedies, and many really tough times, but God has remained faithful and my faith has grown during this time.

I hope to continue blogging more regularly once we move into our new home in a few weeks, and am also working on some larger projects as well! Will keep you posted!


Christian Parenting is Hard.


Every mother and father know the struggles, frustrations, unrealistic expectations, horrific fears, and exhaustive drama associated with raising children, but let me just say this: Christianity adds an entirely new dimension to the chaos that is parenting.

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