Christian Parenting is Hard.


Every mother and father know the struggles, frustrations, unrealistic expectations, horrific fears, and exhaustive drama associated with raising children, but let me just say this: Christianity adds an entirely new dimension to the chaos that is parenting.

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Church Hopping Isn’t All Bad


Anyone familiar with Christian higher education knows that almost every Bible college and Seminary requires students to get out of their comfort zones and visit various churches.

Students are assigned to observe worship styles, theological differences, sermon structures, and a variety of other elements that differ drastically from church to church. For some, this is the first time they’ve attended anywhere outside of their “home church”  in their entire life.

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Christianity Isn’t a Business


Our culture’s obsession with corporate success and consumerism has influenced the way we facilitate our faith and ministry.

In a business-driven culture obsessed with success, Christians are often tempted to apply secular business models to their spiritual faith. With around 40 hours of our week spent working, our minds are trained to think about productivity, consumerism and prosperity. Bestselling books on management techniques, inspirational TED talks, growth models, leadership seminars and self-help guides can quickly become our main source of knowledge and information—becoming secondary to the words of Christ.

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We Need to Stop Treating God as a Historical Memory


Instead of asking yourself “What would Jesus do?,” start asking yourself “What is Jesus doing?”

Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit lives inside of us. Too often we consider Jesus as a past memory instead of a present reality.

Christians often talk about God in the past tense by referencing Biblical accounts, or the future tense by discussing the book of Revelation and prophecies, but rarely in the present tense—in the real, existing, moments of today. Too often, we forget that God is alive and present right here, right now.

So practice the discipline of realizing that God is present–in THIS exact moment, wherever you are in this moment of time, God is loving you. He’s here. He’s alive. He’s real. He’s moving.

We can take comfort in the historical accounts of the Bible and the prophetic promises of the future, but both are superficial if we don’t understand and accept the profound reality of God living, impacting, shaping, influencing, and guiding our life right now.

Imagine God right next to you. Picture God helping you through your current struggles and happily enjoying your current successes. Believe it not because it’s a comfort, but because it’s a reality.

Six Reasons Americans Still Need Christianity


In a secularized society obsessed with consumerism, entertainment, and modernization, Christianity is often portrayed as being old-fashioned, irrelevant, and useless, but it still serves some very valuable and profound purposes. Here’s why Americans still need it:

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Seven Lies About Christianity


Stephen Mattson:

7 Lies About Christianity Which Christians Believe

Originally posted on Stephen Mattson:

My recent piece was featured on Sojourners, and as of a few days ago it was their most popular web piece of all time! It garnered lots of interesting discussion. What do you think?

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7 Ways I Would Do Christianity Differently


Faith is a journey, a Pilgrim’s Progress filled with mistakes, learning, humble interactions, and life-changing events. Here are a few things I would do differently if I could go back and start over:

1. I wouldn’t worry about having the right answers.

There’s a misconception that the Bible is the Ultimate Answer Book and Christianity is a divine encyclopedia presenting the solutions to life’s biggest questions. In reality, the Christian faith is about a relationship with Christ instead of an academic collection of right or wrong doctrines.

Rather than wasting time, energy, and resources on superficial theological issues — I would focus more of getting to know Jesus. Never let a desire for “being right” obstruct your love for Christ.

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