Christian Author Writes “Non-Biblical” Book On Marriage, Goes on Oprah…Evangelicals End Up Loving It!


A Christian author has published a book on marriage, and the New York Times writes:

…the book contains few overt references to Scripture. “I wrote it intentionally so that non-Christians and Christians would read it,” he said.

Additionally, the author–who admitted that the book doesn’t heavily reference Scripture– has used Oprah to extensively promote his book on her show.

The author: Gary Chapman

The book: The 5 Love Languages

Jesus Was Brutally Tortured so That Others–including Our Enemies–Wouldn’t Have to Be.


Jesus was brutally tortured so that others–including our enemies–wouldn’t have to be.

When we look at the crucifixion story, we see Jesus being unjustly accused because of the influence of political, religious, and social schemes–through the workings of a powerful Roman Empire.

The recent Torture Report should be a wakeup call to American Christians about what happens when the love of Christ is replaced by the fear, hate, power, and influence of a sinful world.

The first few books of the New Testament reveal its own “Torture Report (about the crucifixion of Jesus),” lets take a look at some of the parallels:

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Can The Privileged Imagine Injustice?


Imagination is defined as, “The faculty of imagining or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.”

For privileged Christians who have lived the majority of their lives receiving the benefits of systematic wealth, power, comfort, favor, and convenience, it can be almost impossible to conceive of a world where injustice, inequality, and perpetual oppression are daily struggles.

Many privileged believers experience an entire existence completely devoid of the suffering, trials, and endless forms of racism, stereotyping, and injustice that are the daily realities faced by the likes of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and millions of others who have lived under completely different — and radically unfavorable — circumstances.

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Sold the House, In the Process of Moving!


Well, after nine arduous months, we’ve finally sold our home and are in the process of moving! We’re still going to be in St. Paul, but we’re excited about this HUGE answer to prayer.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support over the last few months. It’s been a crazy time full of stress, some family tragedies, and many really tough times, but God has remained faithful and my faith has grown during this time.

I hope to continue blogging more regularly once we move into our new home in a few weeks, and am also working on some larger projects as well! Will keep you posted!


Christian Parenting is Hard.


Every mother and father know the struggles, frustrations, unrealistic expectations, horrific fears, and exhaustive drama associated with raising children, but let me just say this: Christianity adds an entirely new dimension to the chaos that is parenting.

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Church Hopping Isn’t All Bad


Anyone familiar with Christian higher education knows that almost every Bible college and Seminary requires students to get out of their comfort zones and visit various churches.

Students are assigned to observe worship styles, theological differences, sermon structures, and a variety of other elements that differ drastically from church to church. For some, this is the first time they’ve attended anywhere outside of their “home church”  in their entire life.

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Christianity Isn’t a Business


Our culture’s obsession with corporate success and consumerism has influenced the way we facilitate our faith and ministry.

In a business-driven culture obsessed with success, Christians are often tempted to apply secular business models to their spiritual faith. With around 40 hours of our week spent working, our minds are trained to think about productivity, consumerism and prosperity. Bestselling books on management techniques, inspirational TED talks, growth models, leadership seminars and self-help guides can quickly become our main source of knowledge and information—becoming secondary to the words of Christ.

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We Need to Stop Treating God as a Historical Memory


Instead of asking yourself “What would Jesus do?,” start asking yourself “What is Jesus doing?”

Jesus is alive and the Holy Spirit lives inside of us. Too often we consider Jesus as a past memory instead of a present reality.

Christians often talk about God in the past tense by referencing Biblical accounts, or the future tense by discussing the book of Revelation and prophecies, but rarely in the present tense—in the real, existing, moments of today. Too often, we forget that God is alive and present right here, right now.

So practice the discipline of realizing that God is present–in THIS exact moment, wherever you are in this moment of time, God is loving you. He’s here. He’s alive. He’s real. He’s moving.

We can take comfort in the historical accounts of the Bible and the prophetic promises of the future, but both are superficial if we don’t understand and accept the profound reality of God living, impacting, shaping, influencing, and guiding our life right now.

Imagine God right next to you. Picture God helping you through your current struggles and happily enjoying your current successes. Believe it not because it’s a comfort, but because it’s a reality.