A tale of two Alvins


Stephen Mattson:

I don’t know if anyone lives near White Clay, Nebraska, but if so you should definitely check out this amazing ministry!  http://www.lakotahope.org/

Originally posted on Hawes Family News:

Stats are just numbers. People are very real.

Back in early December I was talking with a few guys when one of them blurted out, “hey did you hear about that guy who tried to hang himself in Whiteclay? I guess somebody found him and stopped it just in time.”

“Who was it?” I asked.


My heart sank. I was heavy with sadness. I felt sick.

I met Alvin the first week we were here. He comes and goes from the street and when he’s in Whiteclay he’ll come to breakfast. We hit it off immediately. He was the only one to come help us plant trees back in November, a significant act of respect. He loves football, has kids, and his Indian name is ‘red owl’ – how cool is that!?!

So though our relationship was very brief and superficial, I knew Alvin. He was a real person.

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